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Jumbo Tapestry Needle Set
by Clover
Large eye makes for easy threading of long-pile or extremely thick woolen yarn. The tip...

Natural Wool Roving
by Clover
Create unique handmade crafts and sewing projects with the Clover Natural Wool Roving Felt 0.3...

Needle Claw and Mat Cleaner
by Clover
3 in one assisting tool! This new tool provides protection from injury by securing the...

Tapestry Needle Set Chibi, Bent Tip
by Clover
Chibi Set Bent Tip- The curved tip of the needle makes hooking treads a breeze....

Eucalyptus - Fabric Wash
by Eucalan
Eucalyptus Delicate Wash is Eucalan’s original scent. First introduced in 1989, it is scented using...

Getaway Gang
by Eucalan
Eucalan's Getaway Gang is a travel essential for garment care. The clear re-usable zip bag...

Gift Set - 5 Small Bottles
by Eucalan
This set of 5 bottles of Eucalan is neatly packaged in a clear re-usable zip...

Grapefruit - Fabric Wash
by Eucalan
Eucalan’s Grapefruit Delicate Wash is scented using essential oil of grapefruit. Grapefruit oil is a...

Lavendar - Fabric Wash
by Eucalan
Eucalan’s Lavender Delicate Wash is scented using the essential oil of lavender. Known for its...

Natural - Fabric Wash
by Eucalan
Eucalan’s Natural Delicate Wash is the same trusted formula, but unscented. It is Eucalan -...

Stain Treating Towelettes -
by Eucalan
Eucalan saturated towelettes, individually packaged for your On The Go emergencies. Simply blot or rub...

Wrapture - Fabric Wash
by Eucalan
Eucalan’s newest scent is Wrapture by designer Kristin Omdahl, infused with the beneficial essential oil...

Jumbo Blunt Yarn Needle
by KA Bamboo
White Bamboo Blunt Needles Set of 3 Needles

Nostepinne (Portable Ball Winder)
by Knitter's Pride
A Nostepinne is an portable way to wind yarn into a ball for easy knitting,...

Wool Needles
by Knitter's Pride
Tapestry needles made of aluminum Blunt ends to avoid injury while sewing knitted projects Perfect...

Wool Winder
by Knitter's Pride
Very useful accessory for knitting and crochet! Hand-operated yarn/fiber winder for making pull thread balls...

Beyond Clean - Fragrance Free
by Unicorn
Our Deepest Cleaning Soap and Fragrance Free!   Scouring Raw Wool & Mohair Washing Cloth...

Beyond Fibre Wash - Fragrance Free
by Unicorn
An Everyday Cleaning Soap that is Fragrance Free. Washing Everyday Laundry Mixing Your Own Household...

Beyond Soft - Fragrance Free
by Unicorn
Beyond Soft is a un-scented Fiber Conditioning Rinse.      It enhances softness of delicates...

Fibre Rinse - Classic Scent
by Unicorn
Fibre Rinse is a scented Fiber Conditioning Rinse.  It enhances softness of delicates and synthetics...

Fibre Wash - Classic Scent
by Unicorn
Our Everyday Cleaning Soap.      View Unicorn Website   Washing Everyday Laundry Mixing Your...

Power Scour - Classic Scent
by Unicorn
Our Deepest Cleaning Soap with a Fresh Scent.  View Unicorn Website Scouring Raw Wool &...