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KA Bamboo - Exchangeable Circular Sm Set 4" 3 Sizes

B07002 Dragonfly Red $70.00

B07003 Dragonfly Black/Red $70.00

B07005 Cherry Blossom Black/Red $70.00

B07004 Japanese Star Blue $70.00

B07001 Polka-Dot Black $70.00

KA Bamboo - Exchangeable Circular M Set 4" 5 Sizes

B06806 Dragonfly Red $64.90

B06810 Dragonfly Black/Red $64.90

B06809 Cherry Blossom Black/Red $64.90

B06807 Cherry Blossom Blue $64.90

B06808 Japanese Star Blue $64.90

B06805 Polka-Dot Black $64.90

KA Bamboo - Exchangeable Circular ML Set (4"/5") 10 Sizes

B06794 Dragonfly Red $120.80

B06798 Dragonfly Black/Red $120.80

B06797 Cherry Blossom Black/Red $120.80

B06795 Cherry Blossom Blue $120.80

B06796 Japanese Star Blue $120.80

B06793 Polka-Dot Black $120.80

KA Bamboo - Exchangeable Circular L Set 5" 6 Sizes

B06800 Dragonfly Red $85.60

B06799 Polka-Dot Black $85.60

KA Bamboo - Exchangeable Circular Standard Expanded Set (4"/5") 12 Sizes

B06998/B06782 Polka-Dot Black $148.00

B06784 Japanese Star Blue $148.00

B06783 Dragonfly Red - Discontinued $148.00

KA Bamboo - Exchangeable Circular Short set (2″) 6 sizes

B06821/56821 Polka-Dot Black $99.00

B06822 Dragonfly Red $99.00

B06823 Japanese Star Blue $99.00

KA Bamboo - Miniature Knitting Needles Set (4"/5") 10 Sizes

B06059 Dragonfly Red $109.00

B06060 Cherry Blossom $109.00

B06222 Kimono Brown $109.00

B06221 Kimono Red $109.00

B06057 Polka-Dot Black $109.00

B06058 Polka-Dot Pink $109.00

KA Bamboo - Exchangeable Flex Crochet Hook Set 5.5" 8 Sizes

B06505 Dragonfly Red $129.00

B06935 Japanese Star Blue $129.00

KA Bamboo - Empty Case for Exchangeable Sets - 4 Patterns

B06164 Cherry Blossom $28.30

B06165 Dragonfly $28.30

B06166 Black Polka Dot $28.30

B06167 Pink Polka Dot $28.30