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Lee Highlighter Reusable Tape 1/2" x 393"

ALP13188A Assorted Colors (No Hanging Tags) $24.70

ALP13479B Blue $4.38

ALP13476G Green $4.38

ALP13477O Orange $4.38

ALP13478P Pink $4.38

ALP13480P Purple $4.38

ALP13475Y Yellow $4.38

Lee Highlighter Tape Economy Size 1/2" x 720"

ALP19188A Assorted Colors (No Hanging Tags) $30.52

ALP19979B Blue $5.36

ALP19976G Green $5.36

ALP19977O Orange $5.36

ALP19978P Pink $5.36

ALP19980P Purple $5.36

ALP19975Y Yellow $5.36

Lee Wide Highlighter Tape 1-7/8" x 393"

ALP13150 Yellow Tape $10.56

ALP13155 Yellow Tape Refills $15.00