Knitter's Pride - Fabric Cases

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Knitter's Pride - Aspire - Fabric Needle Cases

KA810001 Interchangeable $20.00

KA810002 Fixed Circular $30.00

KA810003 Assorted $50.00

Knitter's Pride - Eternity - Fabric Needle Cases

KA810011 Interchangeable $20.00

KA810012 Fixed Circular $30.00

KA810013 Assorted $50.00

Knitter's Pride - Glory - Fabric Needle Cases

KA810021 Interchangeable $20.00

KA810022 Fixed Circular $30.00

KA810023 Assorted $50.00

Knitter's Pride - Greenery - Fabric Needle Cases

KA810081 Interchangeable $15.80

KA810082 Fixed Circular $16.40

KA810083 Double Pointed (6"/8") $14.10

KA810084 Single Point (10") $10.80

KA810085 Single Point (14") $14.10

KA810086 Crafting Caddy $26.80

Knitter's Pride - Navy - Fabric Needle Cases

KA810091 Interchangeable $15.80

KA810092 Fixed Circular $16.40

KA810093 Double Point (6"/8") $14.10

KA810094 Single Point (10") $10.80

KA810095 Single Point (14") $14.10

KA810096 Crafting Caddy $26.80