Nirvana - 10" Mango Single Point Needles

by The Knitting Zone

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  • Single Point needles have long been a staple in the craft world. For projects as simple as dishcloths and as intricate as lace scarves, there is something comforting about making in the same way that people have done for countless generations.                 
  • Mango wood has unique grain and striking coloration. Varying in shades, it is generally light and can have streaks of apricot and honey, smoke and chestnut.         
  • Mango trees bear fruit for a number of years. When they are past their fruit-bearing stage, the trees are harvested for the wood and new trees are planted.  The wood is then used for all manners of products; furniture, household goods, jewelry and more. The wood for our needles is reclaimed from the furniture industry.