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Lantern Moon - Needle Cases - IKAT

Item Size Price Qty
LM350721 Double Point Needle Case

from $25.00

Current price $25.00

LM350722 Knit-Aid Case

from $21.00

Current price $21.00

LM350723 Interchangeable Needle Case

from $31.00

Current price $31.00

LM350724 Circular Needle Case

from $34.00

Current price $34.00

These needle cases are designed to handle a variety of needle and tool collections.
To appreciate an ancient craft we have selected an exquisite fabric called " IKAT " which goes perfectly with our Lantern Moon collection.
Ikat fabric is a dyeing technique used to create a distinct style of textile patterns.
Ikat is done by resist dyeing sections of the yarns prior to weaving the fabric.

Interchangeable Needle Case:
10 sleeves with flaps for IC needle tips & 5 pockets for cords, end caps & tightening tools.
Circular Needle Case:
A big case to hold 16 or more of your circular collection.
Double Pointed Needle Case
12 sleeves & 1 large pocket
Pocket accommodates large double points and a few circulars
Knit-Aid Case
A small accessory case to hold a needle gauge, repair hook, cable needles, small set of scissors or other essentials