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Do you sell to retail customers?

No. We are a wholesale company selling only to businesses specializing in the art of knitting, crocheting, and the like. We are always happy to direct you to your closest local yarn shop.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards. Most of our customers choose this method. We offer terms to established businesses after checking trade references. Accessories Unlimited also accepts checks and money orders for payment of term invoices.

Why do the prices shown appear to be retail prices?

Only approved customers with an active account have access to wholesale pricing. If you are logged in to your account, you will see the wholesale prices.

The shipping cost seems high for my order.

When you place an order under $300, Shopify estimates the cost of shipping using UPS published rates. Over the past year we have switched most of our shipping to the USPS because it is less expensive than UPS in most cases. Especially on smaller orders unlike in the past. Although Shopify gives you an estimated shipping cost, when we have your package ready to ship, we always compare UPS to USPS and ship it whichever way is less expensive. We then refund the difference between what was collected and the actual cost.

Why does my shipping option say "Least Expensive Shipping - USPS or UPS - $12.00"?

In the case of smaller orders, you can choose this shipping option. We will fulfill and package your order, compare UPS and USPS, and choose the cheapest option. We add $12.00 as an authorization to your credit card and then refund the difference of what it actually costs once the order is processed.

Why am I being charged for shipping even though my order is over $300?

There are certain items that are excluded from our free shipping policy. These are items such as Eucalan, blocking mats, wires, and wooden wool winders which are oddly shaped for their weight and cost an above-average amount to ship. If the order is large enough and we are able to put these items in the same box as your order, we typically do not charge for shipping. In all cases, we only charge for shipping those items. The rest of the order ships for free. Your invoice will be noted as to how your freight was adjusted and charged.

I forgot to add some items to my order. How can I add them?              

If you forget to add an item or items to your order, please just enter a new, second order. On the bottom left of your shopping cart is a section where you can add “Order Notes”. Please just include a note for us to add this to your previous order. Don’t worry if it charges you for shipping on the new order. We will combine them and only apply shipping to the one order, if applicable. If you forget to add the note, we still notice when customers put in two orders close together and we combine them automatically, unless otherwise specified.