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2Go - Interchangeable Knitting/Crochet Hook Sets
by Denise
ESSENTIAL INTERCHANGEABLES FOR KNITTERS 6 Pairs of needles: US5 -10 our most popular sizes 1...


4.5" Interchangeable Needle Tips
by Denise
If you find yourself never having the perfect size and length of knitting needles for...


Interchangeable Cords
by Denise
Denise Needles Interchangeable Cord Perfect for both knitting and crocheting. This package contains one cord....


Interchangeable Knitting Needles Companion Sets
by Denise
Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles Companion Sets come in a variety of colors.  Set includes: 6...


Original Crochet Kit
by Denise
Tunisian crochet heaven - now in brilliant primary colors!  This compact set offers convenience, great...


Original Knitting Kit
by Denise
The original – in pink with pastel needles!  This compact set raises funds for breast...