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J'Adore IC Gift Set
by Knitter's Pride
The contents of the set are as follows: 6 Cubics Interchangeable Needle Sizes US 6,...


Seaming Pins (D)
by Susan Bates
Perfect for knitting and crocheting seams and hems. This package contains twenty-four 2"  large head...


Crystalites - Red Heart Crochet Hook Set G - K (D)
by Susan Bates
Susan Bates Red heart crystallites crochet hook set measuring 7" x 3-1/2" x 1/4" has...


Nova Platina - 10" Single Point Needle Set (D)
by Knitter's Pride
The set of 9 pairs of the most popular sized single pointed needles feature the...


Greenery - Fabric Needle Case(D)
by Knitter's Pride
Vibrant hand block printed canvas fabric bags  Perfect for carrying accessories and crafting tools Cases...