Lotion Bars

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Lavishea - LaviSalve Lavender/Eucalyptus Salve


Lavishea - Lotion Bar Display Sampler I

ALAVD-KIT1 $233.00

Lavishea - Natural Lotion Bars

ALAV-CB Citrus Basil $10.00

ALAV-CIT Citronella $10.00

ALAV-CLV Coconut Lime Verbena $10.00

ALAV-CM Cucumber Melon (Seasonal) $10.00

ALAV-JV Jasmine Vanilla $10.00

ALAV-LAV Lavender $10.00

ALAV-LG Lemongrass $10.00

ALAV-MAN Man Bar $10.00

ALAV-MOR Moroccan Oil $10.00

ALAV-OP Orange Pomander $10.00

ALAV-PEAR Pear $10.00

ALAV-PEP Peppermint Spa $10.00

ALAV-PLUM Plumeria Tropical Island $10.00

ALAV-SCP Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin $10.00

ALAV-UN Unscented $10.00

ALAV-WB Winterberry $10.00

ALAV-WLA White Lily Amber $10.00

ALAV-WS Woodland Spice $10.00

ALAV-YARN Yarn Bar Light Almond $10.00

ALAV-LILAC Lilac $10.00