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Company 6" Purple Heart Ergonomic Crochet Hook - Helping support our veterans - *Available only to Local Yarn Shops*
by Purple Heart Needle Art
THE PURPLEHEART TREE IS VERY SUSTAINABLE - Although purpleheart wood seems exotic and rare because...

Yarn Snuggles
by The Patchwork Frog
Snuggles are made of super stretchy knitted fabric. Each hanging package contains 2 snuggles. Snuggle...

SmartStix Limited Edition Set-Here now!!
by Knitter's Pride
This year, Knitter's Pride is offering the Smart Stix Needles in a Limited Edition Packing...

4" Pointed Tweezer with Magnifying Glass
by Tamsco
4" stainless steel pointed tweezer with magnifying glass

Bamboo Needle Holder
by ChiaoGoo
This is an actual section of Moso bamboo with a beautiful, laser engraved ChiaoGoo on...

Millennium - 4.5" Interchangeable Knit & Purr Needle Gift Set with Free Tote
by Knitter's Pride
Knitter's Pride Gift Set for 2018 is here! Knit & Purr carries a collection of millennium...

Getaway Gang
by Eucalan
Eucalan's Getaway Gang is a travel essential for garment care. The clear re-usable zip bag...

Pom Pom Maker Set -BRAND NEW ITEM
by Clover
The measuring scale on the arch makes it easy to create multi-colored pom-poms. Triangle markings...

by K1C2 LLC
The Classic Color Selector uses 84 familiar colors to showcase the many harmonious combinations you...

Gift Set - 5 Small Bottles
by Eucalan
This set of 5 bottles of Eucalan is neatly packaged in a clear re-usable zip...

5.7" T-SPIN - Interchangeable Tunisian Hook - SET - 1500
by ChiaoGoo
This set comes with the following: 11-5.7" (14.5cm) hooks in sizes E/4 (3.5mm) through N/15...